Every employee is an important asset to Coracall, and we strive to recruit, develop and retain the best talent in order to maintain our high standard of professionalism and Customer Service Delivery.

Our training and development programmes are designed to foster this talent and equip our employees with the skills and experience needed to reach their full, individual potential. We use a rigorous, consistent quality assurance process to identify, assess and develop high performers to help build the organisation’s capabilities and grow our next wave of leaders.

Coracall will offer fully accredited NQF training programmes at all levels, in line with our parent Company’s world-class, standards. We will offer specialised development to both internal and external learners, partnering with SETAs and leading tertiary institutions to prepare employees and candidates for the demands of the Business Process Outsourcing profession. We are also deeply committed to transformation and extend opportunities to learners from disadvantaged backgrounds and those living with disabilities.

We approach the recruitment, selection and placement process in the same quality driven way as we approach every aspect of our business; applicants undergo a thorough evaluation process in order to find the best.

The Recruitment, Selection and Placement process typically takes from two to four weeks.

  • Candidates will provide their cv’s to our HR Department
  • These cv’s will be screened against the entry level requirements for vacant positions
  • Selected applicants will then undergo a process of telephonic and face-to-face interviews,
  • Risk assessments
  • Competency based testing.

When applying for jobs all applicants are required to fill out an application form, provide certified copies of their South African identity documents and qualifications, as well as submitting their CVs.

The job vacancies we have available are listed below: Please email for further information.